пятница, 7 декабря 2012 г.

What do you think about the prohibition on agency labor in Russia?

12.07.12 There was the meeting of the Duma to discuss the employers amendments to the Bill to prohibiting agency labor in Russia

This bill is the de facto the prohibition of agency (contract) labor in Russia. It will make illegitimate  the job of freelancers interested in the security of legal relations with different employers. All employees who part-time working in the companies will be forced to open their personal business.  The activities of the specialized agencies of employment  are terminated. 

The foreign experts will not be able to work by contacts in Russia as it was before. The short-term part-time job of students and other "home" categories will be destroyed forever.

The consequences of the introduction of the legislation prohibiting agency labor in Russia:

1. The economically active population (from 2% to 5%) will be deprived of formal employment. 
2. 100 thousand workers in Russia provided for rent now become unemployed.
3. The "gray" and black remuneration schemes and illegal attracting labor to grow rapidly.

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