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New SAP Professionals Salary Survey 2012

The SAP professionals average wage by Industry 
The earnings of an SAP professional depend on many variables, including your location, education level  and professional experience, as well as the location of the company you work for, the SAP version you are working on, the industry you are in as well as your gender.

Panaya, the global vendor of ERP solutions, published the results of the annual survey of SAP professionals salaries in November 2012Panaya conducted this survey to help you compare your compensation makeup to industry peers, better understand what drives compensation in this market, and get useful ideas for increasing your value.

The survey report notes that the median salary for SAP professionals working for North American companies is 25 percent higher than the median salaries of those respondents working for European companies, and 35 percent higher than those working for Russian companies.The highest professional SAP salaries identified in the aviation, defense, healthcare, and finance. The lowest earnings falls on the public service, education, retail and communications.

The two most common job changes in 2011 noted by survey SAP respondents were tighter budgets (55%) and more competition (48%). SAP professionals salaries rose generally to 15.8%, from mid-2011 to mid-2012. 

You can get SAP Professionals Salary Survey 2012" to click here http://go.panayainc.com/CnewsSAPSalary_RU-2012-SAP-Salary-Survay-L.html 

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